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caster tips

caster tips
  • Product Name: caster tips
  • Post Date: 2017/6/16
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Detailed Specifications


Used in crystal formation and dimensional control for aluminum foil rolling.


Length300-2200mm,width and radian made according to sizes of nozzle clamp ,nozzle
tray and rolling diameter


This product is mainly made from Al-Si fiber filling materials, non stick aluminum,
smooth surface, Roll-PH is a hard nozzle board, high strength, good wear resistance,
good insulation, non – deforming, can effectively protect aluminum strip surface.
Roll-PS is a soft nozzle board, low intensity, easy to adjust the roll gap, non stick
aluminum, smooth surface, good insulation

Users Guide

.To cut and assemble according to drawing,make sure the board is intact

To heat the board 2 hours to target temperature,keep 260℃,5 hours for Roll-PH, keep 180℃,5 hours for Roll-PS
to remove crystal water,cool down to room temperature and ensure proper assembly

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